ANESI is a home run business based in Manchester, UK. We designed ANESI in the UK and our designs were brought to life in our factory in Turkey. ANESI is run from our house after turning my bedroom into our workplace and stockroom.

Our aim is to bring a new dynamic to unisex streetwear, creating high quality clothing at an affordable price.

The name ANESI (or ΑΝΕΣΗ) is the Greek word for Comfort and this is one of our main focuses through our design process. We want to bring not only style, but comfort to our customers.

Each item has been designed, tested and manufactured to ensure we have the perfect collections of clothing to bring to our customers. We believe this is what has been missing from the fashion industry. Our designs are simple yet effective meaning ANESI can be part of your everyday wardrobe.

We launched with the vision that each garment would be individual to our customers. This was achieved through the stone washing of each garment. Each stitch and spec of our garments leaves our customers with a unique piece just for them. The fabrics we use and the oversized fit brings the comfort and style that every collection will offer.